A Chesapeake “Flattie” Sloop, Length: 27’-5 ¼” Beam: 8’-6” Draft: 2’-4”. Forerunner to the skipjack, this type was also known as the “Hampton flattie.” They were originally used to transport produce on the shoal-waters of Virginia and Maryland, and to a limited extent, for oystering, crabbing, and duck-hunting. The “flattie” remained popular on the Bay until the 1890s. The lines for this craft were taken off a hulk found near Elloits, Maryland by Howard I. Chapelle in 1943. Scratch-built model (scale: 3/8”= 1’-0”) by Philip W. Tankard, 2/17/2012

New York City Fire Boat, a plastic kit converted to R/C

A Canterbury J Class one-design racing sailboat designed after the J Class America's Cup boat Ranger.

An EC12 (East Coast 12-meter) R/C racing sailboat built from a Dumas Kit.

Radio-control racing sailboats resting between races.