Mystic Seaport Ship Modelers Photo Gallery

Mystic Seaport Ship Modelers Photo Gallery

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Awaiting Launch

Negotiating the channel

Another tug (of course!)

In the Seaport Tug Pool

A nice wake

Tug Ulysses

A model of Florence, a "dragger" fishing boat at Mystic Seaport

The original was built in Mystic in 1926

In summer the draggers often engaged in swordfishing

We'll have to get a photo of the model and original together

Aphrodite in front of Aphrodite at the original's home port, Watch Hill, RI

Aphrodite at speed throwing up a nice wake

Aphrodite is a 74' Long Island motor commuter yacht originally built in 1937 to ferry the industrialist, Jock Whitney from his home in Manhasset to Wall Street.

The original fell into disrepair, but was relaunched in 2005 after 45000 hours of restoration

Aphrodite at the dock

And here's a link to a Youtube video of the Aphrodite:
Aphrodite Video

Miss America VIII nearing completion

A closeup of Miss America's pair of 12-cylinder engines. Yes, they're real engines!

A closeup of Miss America's drivetrain--two shafts in, two out

More complexity inside of a beautiful boat

Miss America's driver will get an earful with 24 cylinders roaring

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